The standard manufacturing output for stainless steel and aluminium assemblies includes small and medium-sized batches (usually 10-5000 units/year) and all stainless steel weldments are passivated by acid submerging. Upon request, we also provide chroming and anodising for aluminium assemblies. We are an excellent partner in manufacturing enforcement for medium-size manufacturing companies.
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We have worked with steel and aluminium processing since the very beginning. In fact, the deciding reason for founding our own company was the fact that the Estonian market was lacking a manufacturer with sufficient production capacity that could adhere to high quality standards and deliver uniform products. Our aim has always been to provide services to Estonian and Scandinavian companies.
AIM Production delivers stainless and aluminium assemblies mainly for the following areas: wind power, offshore, shipping, railway industry, paper industry and food processing industry.


Our top quality indicator is the trust of our clients who bring us increasingly more complex projects. AIM Production started out by providing services to international offshore and wind power companies.

Today, weldments have grown into functional products that include pneumatics, hydraulics and electronics in addition to mechanical assembliy.

AIM Production has established a welding management system with ISO 3834-2 as well as EN 15085-2 CL1 certificates in order to ensure good weldment quality. The company employs two welding coordinators (IWE – International Welding Engineer).

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