Clients who came to us for various weldments, realised that it would be more efficient in terms of time and finance to assemble functional products in the same location as weldments – in AIM Production. We manufacture functional assemblies and various complete solutions primarily for the energy, transport, food and industrial sector. Our principal capacity covers assemblies ranging from 100 kg to 500 kg. We also manufacture lighter assemblies as well as assemblies weighing up to 5 tons.
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Our functional assemblies and complete solutions started with simple mechanical assemblies and now include the assembly of pneumatics, hydraulics and electronics.

If the product mainly comprises weldments combined with pneumatic/hydraulic assemblies then you can entrust it with us.

We install electronics into products on a daily basis, but we do not manufacture electronic components ourselves.

AIM Production has a vast network of suppliers to ensure the best solution for keeping the cost of purchase components in check.


With complete solutions we carry out functional testing in addition to regular controls and work with clients to create a test procedure for checking critical functions.

All products undergo functional testing and AIM Production takes full manufacturing responsibility.

Cooperation with leading offshore and energy companies on an international level since 2010 is our main sign of quality. Over the course of our work, we have been entrusted with the assembly of increasingly more complex assemblies for the world’s leading manufacturers.

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