Vision – from metal to IT-solutions.

AIM Production aims to be the No. 1 partner in the European industrial sector by offering the manufacturing of high-quality and functional products. Our strength is in the welding and finishing of aluminium and stainless products. We see our clients as challenges and help them find solutions to even the most complicated issues and focus on their products.

„We find opportunities not reasons”


AIM Production OÜ is a rapidly developing manufacturing company. We aim to be a reliable manufacturer of components or complete products in the energy, transport, food and industrial sectors. These are areas where emphasis is on the high quality of work.

AIM Production was founded out of the need to provide high-quality stainless steel and aluminium weldments in energy and offshore sectors. Mild steel products were added later due to natural need in the same areas. Our aim has been to provide services to Estonian, Scandinavian and also European companies in small and medium batch manufacturing.



Our top quality indicator is the trust of our clients who bring us increasingly more complex projects. Manufacture of weldments has now grown into the production of complex functional assemblies that include pneumatics, hydraulics and electronics in addition to mechanical assembly.

Welding is our primary quality indicator and our welding management system has ISO 3834-2 and EN 15085-2 CL1 certification. The company employs at least two welding coordinators (IWE – International Welding Engineer).

Our team at AIM Production is ambitious and focussed on rapid growth.
We always welcome new projects and ideas.

AIM Production introduction