AIM Production specialises 100% on subcontracting and does not develop independent products.
Do you have a product or a product concept and/or an initial sample product?
AIM Production helps bring your product to life and manufactures “0” and small batches to introduce your product to end-clients.


We use SolidWorks modelling software, which is compatible with our ERP-system.
We help optimise product manufacturing technology as well as the component supply chain.

All changes requested or accepted by the client are implemented into the 3D model and we also guarantee the functionality of the final product even before the initial sample has been completed.



Preparing a prototype is the first step in starting serial production.
This allows us to optimise the manufacturing process, determine the most cost-effective manufacturing method and it also provides feedback to our clients regarding our manufacturing capability and quality.

Before commencing serial production, we always run a process capability test and first article inspection (FAI).

All comments made while manufacturing the prototype shall be recorded on the product drawings.